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The Construction Process


Project Planning

  1. Initial site meeting and consultation.

  2. Engage interior designer or decorator to produce project plans (if required) present options to client for any selections that need to be made and provide a specification document for all confirmed materials and supplies.  We highly recommend using the services of an interior designer, especially for larger renovations where a large number of selections have to be made.  It is important that all these individual items work in combination with each other to make your home the reality you’ve dreamed of.

  3. Conduct on-site consultation with structural engineer if it is determined that any interior walls identified for removal are load bearing.

  4. Present detailed and itemized Scope of Work with costs based on plans and selections made. Final renovation costs will not increase from this quoted price, unless project scope and/or selections are changed by client or a major issue is discovered during demolition, this surprise  scenario is very rare. 

  5. Client sign off on plans & selection sheets, initial deposit is due.

  6. Submit renovation plans and engineer drawings to City planning for building permit.

  7. Begin ordering materials and supplies, prioritize items that currently have longer lead times, such as:

  • Windows and doors 

  • Some plumbing and lighting fixtures 

  • Appliances 

  • Furniture and Cabinetry (These items typically have a shorter lead time and ordering is done as needed)

  • Flooring 

  • Tiles 

  • Counter tops 

  • Interior doors & trim 

Construction Order

(order of some tasks can vary depending on the project )

  1. Site protection, dust control and dumpster delivery

  2. Demolition (items to be saved should be identified)

  3. Framing 

  4. HVAC

  5. Plumbing rough-in (in wall valves needed at this stage)

  6. Electrical rough-in (Lighting plan specs needed at this stage)

  7. Insulation 

  8. Drywall, including ceiling scrape

  9. Windows & exterior doors 

  10. Interior doors & trim 

  11. Cabinetry & millwork 

  12. Countertops (Sinks should be on site at this time)

  13. Tiling & stonework 

  14. Painting 

  15. Flooring 

  16. Electrical & plumbing finals

  17. Touch ups & other deficiencies 

  18. Site clean up 

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